Nikki Koole and sons

are building apps for your children



I bounce around quite a bit,
That's why they call me ball.
I am a crazy oddity,
And just don't care at all.

Hairs on my knees,
Butterflies and bees,
Love me a hill of wine gums, please,
When the time comes to feast.

My legs are sometimes tangled,
And my torso is pattern spangled,
Falling often is the best solution,
And I don't care for some confusion.

At the start, I said I just don't care,
That was a lie, because I often do.
I care for things and people and places.
And I kinda deeply care for you.

Like me, there are many,
But we are all unique.
We are men, women, something beastly,
And something right there in between.

We have hairs and funky bends,
Round or skinny, tall or small,
A huge enormous ball of happiness,
Or a tiny bump of joy.


Have a good day!

* Mipo Puppetmaker